Governor Newsom Recognizes Teamsters in COVID-19 Fight

“These guys are focusing on you more than their families.” Tonight, Gov. Newsom recognized the Teamsters in the statewide efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“From farm to fork, making sure you’re fed, making sure you should feel good and confident that the stocking of our shelves is going to be abundant…”

(Watch the full text above.)

Thousands of Local 856 members are on the frontlines, from members working in health care who are tending to the sick, to food processing members who are maintaining the food supply, school district members making sure children are fed, and public services, airline, customer service, transportation, and delivery members keeping our communities safe and running, and so many more. 

We are so very proud to stand with our Teamster brothers and sisters across the state and nationwide in stepping up to this fight.