856 Difference

  • Finding New Ways to Win — We recognize the rules of the game have changed, the days of relying solely on strong-arm aggression are gone. We know we need to be smart, strategic, and creative in how we approach every situation.
  • Teamwork — Our staff is assembled of the best talent hired based on merit, ability, and passion for representing workers.
  • Fighting to Win — Results matter. It’s not just about fighting the good fight, it’s about winning those fights.
  • Member Involvement — We are focused on encouraging an active and engaged membership. Our strength depends on the participation of our members.
  • Political Action — Because politics increasingly impacts our day-to-day lives as union members, Teamsters 856 has a dedicated Political Director and a Public Policy Coordinator. Through our political action program, members are directly involved in the candidate endorsement process, get-out-the-vote efforts, and advocating for worker-friendly legislation at the local, state and national levels.
  • In-House Legal Team & Professional Negotiators — In addition to four leading labor law firms on retainer, Teamsters 856 also has an in-house legal team with expertise in labor law, protected leaves, and political law. Teamsters 856 staff is made up of professional negotiators experienced in bargaining tactics and implementing comprehensive contract campaign strategies.
  • Continued Growth — Through a commitment to organizing, over 10,000 new members have joined Teamsters 856 since 2010. With this growth, we are building density in key industries, increasing our geographic and political influence, and most importantly adding significant resources that can be deployed to support current Teamsters 856 members at the negotiations table and to provide effective day-to-day representation.