Public Sector Members: Complete Your Teamsters 856 Membership Form

Public Sector Members: Stand with your co-workers to keep Teamsters 856 strong. A strong union is what gives members the power at the bargaining table to improve and protect their wages, health care, and retirement security.

Click the buttons below to complete your Teamsters 856 membership form and demonstrate your commitment to keeping Local 856 strong.

Complete Your Public Sector Membership Form Via DocuSign Electronic Signature


Printable Public Sector PDF Membership Form 

Return the completed PDF version of the membership form by:

  • Email to Teamsters 856 Communications Organizer Nicole Casey at
  • Fax to the Teamsters 856 office at (650) 635-1632
  • Or return the completed form to your Teamsters 856 shop steward or your Teamsters 856 representative

If you work in the private sector, please contact the Teamsters 856 office to request a membership form.