Where We Work

Public Sector

The Public Services Division of Teamsters 856 proudly represents civil servants in over 20 Cities, Counties, and Special Districts throughout Northern California.  In addition to law enforcement, Teamster 856 members serve the public in positions such as maintenance public works technicians, clerical office professionals, librarians, planners, engineers, building and code enforcement, water and wastewater techs, firefighters, and more.  


Teamsters 856 Hotel members welcome visitors at nearly every large hotel in San Francisco and the Peninsula. The Teamsters 856 presence in the hotel industry dates back to the 1960s and has grown to include members working throughout the Bay Area at the front desk, as office professionals, housekeepers, and more. Teamsters 856 hotel members proudly set the standard for wages, benefits and working conditions nationwide.


Teamsters 856 members working in the airline industry keep the flying public safe and provide customer service to travelers every day at major carries such as United Airlines, American Airlines, and Air Canada.  Consisting primarily of aircraft mechanics and customer service representatives, Teamsters 856 airline members work at all major airports in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Sacramento.  


Healthcare Division Teamsters 856 members help patients and their families navigate the healthcare system at hospitals and medical facilities all over the Bay Area, including at San Francisco General, St. Rose, Marin General, Eden Medical Center, and Washington Hospital. Teamsters 856 members work in a broad spectrum of healthcare jobs, including tech, service, clerical, and nursing.    

Benefit Admin

Working at numerous benefit administrators throughout Northern California, Teamsters 856 members assist participants in understanding and receiving dental, health insurance, pension benefits, and more. Performing a variety of job functions, benefit admin Teamsters 856 members work at companies such as Delta Dental, as well as for Teamster and other union pension and health administrators.

Car Rental

Car Rental Teamsters 856 members assist travelers to the Bay Area at all major airports and satellite locations throughout the region. When you need to rent a car, please support working families and patronize Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, or National car rental. By renting union you are directly supporting Teamster 856 members that work in the car rental industry.  

Law Enforcement

7204 Teamsters 856 The Law Enforcement Division encompasses more than 1,000 members of Teamsters 856 who work as public safety professionals. Safety members work as Police Officers, Probation Officers, Deputy District Attorneys, and in non-sworn positions in Cities, Counties and Districts throughout Northern California and the Central Valley. The Division works to advance interests of law enforcement members through collective bargaining and political activism.    

Miscellaneous Private Sector

In addition to industries organized in their own Divisions such as hotel, airline, healthcare, car rental, and benefit admin, Teamsters 856 members work in other diverse jobs and industries in the private sector. These include package, warehouse & distribution, clerical, animal services, freight, vending, tradeshow and other private sector industries. Regardless of industry, strong Teamster representation is consistent.