Strong members key to Local 856’s year of progress

Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn

As we approach the end of the year I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank your Teamster stewards, workplace leaders, and frankly, all 856 members for their dedication and hard work fighting on behalf of co-workers year-round.

Your hard work and dedication is making a lasting impact and producing real results. Local 856 has grown to become the largest Teamster Local in Northern California — doubling in size over the last 10 years. We now proudly represent over 12,000 members working at nearly 200 different employers. Local 856 members can be found in a diverse spectrum of industries including the public sector, hotels, airline, healthcare, benefit administration, law enforcement, car rental, package & logistics, warehouse & distribution, clerical, animal services, freight, vending, tradeshow and more.

And while the jobs we do may differ in craft, we are a strong Union because of what we share in common. We are all Teamsters and we have each other’s back — we stand together for each other’s economic progress and fairness on the job.

With the growth of Local 856 comes the growth of resources — more staff with expertise in key functions such as bargaining, legal, communications, politics and organizing. More influence where members work, more political strength, and more pull with labor partners and community allies. By combining these resources with strategic planning and a willingness to fight with old-fashioned hard work, we position ourselves to win at the bargaining table and provide the type of aggressive representation that is the cornerstone of the Teamsters Union.

The driving force of our Local Union is a membership that is willing to step up, unafraid, and take a principled stand for what is right. Having each other’s back and looking out for one another while holding the employer accountable is the foundation upon which the day-to-day work of our Union gets accomplished. Standing together unified in the workplace, we bargain with power and defend our hard-earned rights. Ultimately, effective stewards, strong workplace leaders, and an active general membership are what makes our Union not only the largest, but the strongest in Northern California. As the year comes to an end, it is a time for us to take stock of our victories, successes and the challenges ahead, but it is also a time to recommit to fighting for what members expect and deserve— the very best. Thank you.

Fall events recognize and educate stewards