Local 856 Shop Stewards Lead the Way

With more than 17,000 members across Northern California in both the public and private sector in nearly all industries, having effective worksite leaders is crucial to delivering strong contracts, enforcing those contracts, and further improving upon our workplace protections. And I can say with absolute confidence that our Local 856 shop stewards are second to none when it comes to being strong leaders in the workplace and standing up for their Teamsters 856 colleagues.

Last Saturday we held our annual Shop Steward Appreciation Day — a tradition we started in 2010 — to recognize and acknowledge our Teamsters 856 brothers and sisters who have answered the call and have stepped up as leaders to preserve, protect, and improve their Local 856 co-workers’ rights on the job. With the growth of our Local, the number of Teamsters 856 shop stewards has expanded exponentially, cementing our impact in Teamsters 856 workplaces and in our communities.

Local 856 stewards act as protectors, enforcers, mediators, negotiators, organizers, and more. Simply put, our worksite leaders and rank and members are the key driving force behind our power as Teamsters. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to each and every Local 856 steward and rank and file member for their work, sacrifice, and dedication to keeping our union strong.

–Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer

See photos from our Shop Steward Appreciation Day 2023 here and check out our 2023 Highlight Video below: