Fighting for Strong Contracts

Fighting for strong contracts takes determination and implementing a comprehensive plan that involves aggressive bargaining, leveraging the law to build power, deploying a political plan to gain support from elected officials, creating a communications strategy to ensure our message is reaching the right people, and most importantly, strong member involvement from participating in negotiations surveys, stewards sitting at the bargaining table, to taking part in actions to apply pressure on the employer.

Over the last year, Local 856 members have stepped up and participated in record numbers. The result has been winning strong Local 856 contracts in industry sectors across our entire Local Union, ranging from hotel, healthcare, airline, logistics, benefit administration, and food processing in the private sector, to cities, counties and school districts all across Northern California in the public sector. 

The fight is never easy, and takes hard work, but by sticking together and having each other’s backs, you, the Local 856 membership have shown we can win together.