Teamsters 856 Members on Frontlines of COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis severely impacts the economy, drastically alters our daily lives, and creates anxiety around the health and safety of our families, thousands upon thousands of Local 856 members are on the frontlines, stepping up to the fight and providing the essential services necessary for all of us to get through this challenging time.

Local 856 members are demonstrating what it is to be Teamster Strong, from members working in health care who are tending to the sick, to food processing members who are maintaining the food supply, school district members making sure children are fed, and public services, airline, customer service, transportation, and delivery members keeping our communities safe and running, and so many more.

Teamsters 856 Members at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. (left to right: Remely Fabro, Maleah Best, Ana Danao, and Ranjodh Bajwa.)

Teamster 856 representatives are focused on fighting to push employers to keep 856 members safe while performing these essential services. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to paid time off issues, those Teamsters 856 members working through the crisis need to be treated fairly, with the safety and well-being of Teamster families respected while serving the community.

Other Teamster 856 members, particularly in the travel/tourism industry, are facing different challenges due to the significant layoffs imposed in sectors such as hotel and car rental. 

Unbelievably, many employers are refusing to provide health insurance to employees they are laying off.  For members in the Teamsters 856 Health and Welfare Trust Fund, we are able take our own action, providing two months of no-cost COBRA for those members laid off. For others, the fight against corporate greed continues, as we demand companies do the right thing and not leave members uninsured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Teamsters, we know firsthand that we are stronger together, and that it’s not about going it alone, but rather, we are all stronger when we make sure we have the back of everyone. This holds true in the workplace and in our communities, and during these challenging times, Teamsters 856 members are leading the way, stepping up on the frontlines, and standing together with our community to ensure we get through this crisis. Thank you.