Teamsters push California bill to strengthen “Buy American” rules

This morning Teamsters National Food Processing Division Director and Local 856 Principal Officer Peter Finn testified in support of California State Senate Bill 1308 – legislation that would clarify and strengthen existing Buy American requirements by prohibiting schools from buying non-American products unless there is a 25% or more price differential.

“When public schools buy agricultural and processed food products from other countries, California loses good union jobs. Foreign outsourcing hurts workers and the communities that depend on the agriculture and food processing industries to support local economies. Students also suffer. California agriculture follow strict health, food safety, and environmental protection laws that ensure a safe and high-quality food supply,” said Finn at this morning’s Agricultural Committee hearing on the bill.

The bill is now being referred to the Committee on Governmental Organization. Special thanks to State Senator Anna Caballero for her sponsorship of this important legislation that supports good, union jobs in California. We’ll continue to update as the bill moves through the legislative process.