Sisters in Harmony: Teamsters 856 Members Join Largest Women’s Conference Yet

The 2023 Teamsters Women’s Conference kicked off on Monday, August 28, setting the stage for a vibrant celebration of unity, empowerment, and progress. With over 1,500 Teamster women in attendance, this year’s conference was the largest in our history.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our Teamsters 856 members who represented our local at the Teamsters Women’s Conference,” said Peter Finn, Teamsters Local 856 Principal Officer. “From the moment the doors opened until the closing remarks, our members exemplified our values and displayed their unwavering dedication to their fellow Teamsters.”

Our very own Ashley Alvarado, Teamsters Women’s Conference Director and Teamsters Local 856 President, opened this year’s conference.

“Our theme this year, Sisters in Harmony, is a marker of our past and our future and illustrates our commitment as Teamsters to work toward the common good,” said Alvarado. “When women have operated in harmony, we have quite literally changed the world. This force is something that the Teamsters are leaning into – the power of togetherness.”

Attendees heard from a list of powerhouse leaders, including General President Sean M. O’Brien, General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, several International Vice Presidents, and U.S. Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su.

“Our goal moving forward is to keep the momentum from the UPS contract fight going,” said General President O’Brien. “If we don’t organize, we die. That’s why we are trying to identify every opportunity in every industry to organize workers.”

“When women fight, we win. When women organize, we all win,” said Su.

Attendees participated in workshops and discussions covering various topics, from heat injury and illness prevention to the ongoing battle at Amazon and cultivating the next generation of Teamsters.

“This conference was exceptional, and I learned so much from my fellow Teamster women,” said Kayla Lacy, Shop Steward at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. “I’m excited to apply what I learned!”

“The workshops at the Teamsters Women’s Conference were an absolute highlight for me,” said Sara Roberts, Shop Steward at the City of Santa Rosa. “The diverse range of topics covered and the expertise of the presenters left me feeling both informed and inspired. Learning and growing together with these Teamster women was an experience I will take with me for years.”

On Tuesday, August 29, conference attendees rallied outside Yellow’s corporate headquarters in Nashville. It was a highlight of the conference as attendees took to the streets, advocating for bankruptcy reform and sending a clear message that workers, not corporate greed, should be prioritized.

We want to thank all our members who represented Local 856 and everyone who made this event a resounding success. Our Teamster women will now carry the knowledge and spirit of this empowering event as they shape a better future for workers everywhere.