Seventh Annual Steward Appreciation Day Brings Members Together

More than 100

More than 100 shop stewards attended Local 856’s 7th annual Shop Steward Appreciation Day on October 22 in Oakland.

More than 100 Teamsters 856 shop stewards turned out for our 7th annual Shop Steward Appreciation Day on October 22. This year’s event was held at the Hilton Oakland Airport and included training workshops conducted by Sally Payne from International Brotherhood of Teamsters Training and Development Department, a luncheon, and awards reception.
Teamsters 856 was especially honored to welcome Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who kicked off the event with a special address to the stewards.

“Our stewards serve as leaders in the workplace to ensure that our contracts and being upheld and 856 members are treated with dignity and respect,” said Peter Finn, Teamsters 856 Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer. “I commend their willingness to share their talents to advocate for their co-workers. Our steward appreciation event is a small token of our gratitude for the hard work they conduct year round,” said Finn.