Longtime Steward Passes Away

Longtime Steward and 856 Member Glenn Driscoll.

Longtime Steward and 856 Member Glenn Driscoll.

This month Teamsters 856 received the sad news that longtime member and National/Alamo Shop Steward Glenn Driscoll had passed away.

Fellow National/Alamo Teamsters 856 Member Mitra Ahmadi, worked with Driscoll for nine years. She describes him as incredibly reliable, hardworking, and kind.

Driscoll had worked at the Alamo National Bush Street location since 1998 where he developed a faithful customer base. “People would wait just for Glenn, not just a few either, a great many,” said Ahmadi.

Ahmadi said that Driscoll never left his co-workers stranded, often covering shifts for colleagues who couldn’t make it work.

Driscoll’s innate kindness and loyalty helped him in his role as a steward. “He was a great listener, and not judgmental at all,” said Ahmadi.

Driscoll’s loss is especially painful for the tight knit group of Teamsters at the Bush Street location.

“He’s going to be missed every day, forever,” she said. “It’s a humongous loss.”