856 Walks Picket Line in Solidarity with Ferry Captains


Members of the Golden Gate Labor Coalition picketing at dawn on September 26, 2014.

Today, Teamsters 856 members at the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District are walking the picket line in solidarity with the Ferry Boat Captains’ one-day strike.

Members of the 13-union Golden Gate Labor Coalition, which includes Teamsters 856, set up picket lines at dawn at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal and will continue to strike until late this evening.

This is the second one-day strike in as many weeks by the Golden Gate Labor Coalition after months of stalled negotiations. The District has proposed to gut the workers’ healthcare to the lowest legal levels possible, which could result in workers having to pay a $12,000 deductible – effectively making medical care unaffordable for working families and squeezing them out of the middle class.

Teamsters 856 members work at the District as dispatchers, customer service representatives, and transportation and ferry supervisors.

See more photos from today’s strike here.

Watch as District’s General Manager blatantly disrespects a custodian: