856 Gets Out the Vote for Peskin


(L-R) Principal Officer Peter Finn, Vice President Rudy Gonzalez and Rank & File Members Corey Hallman and Kathleen Romero get out the vote for Aaron Peskin.

This month, Teamsters 856-endorsed candidate Aaron Peskin was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The Local endorsed the veteran progressive early on in light of his advocacy for affordable housing, the right to organize, fair wages, and workers’ rights. Peskin has also shown willingness to take on so-called “sharing economy” firms that are undermining workers and circumventing existing regulations, an issue the Local is passionate about.

Teamsters 856 joined a coalition of unions and community associations to get out the vote by reaching out Teamsters living in District 3.

“This election was important because the incumbent was tone-deaf to the needs of our members and was not supportive when we went to her with issues,” said Teamsters 856 Vice President Rudy Gonzalez.

“Peskin’s record of not only supporting labor issues but also fighting for them stands for itself. Sending him back to City Hall was the right thing to do,” said Gonzalez.