West Contra Costa County School District COVID Protocols

Dear members, 

We have heard from many of you since the start of this school year that you are concerned with the District’s Covid-19 protocols. Particularly, we have heard that you are concerned with the District’s:

  • Lack of notification to you when there is a Covid-19 case on your site
  • This includes failure to advise if you should quarantine, take a Covid-19 test, or if it’s safe to come to work
  • Delay in delivering results of Covid-19 tests
  • Lack of clear and consistent cleaning procedures after a Covid-19 case
  • Lack of comprehensive contact-tracing when there is a Covid-19 case

We share your concerns, which is why we requested to bargain an updated MOU with the District, jointly with the four other Unions in the District. Since our request to bargain on 8/23/21, we have met three times. The latest meeting was last week. To date, the District has failed to give us a response to our initial proposal. They are refusing to commit to any protocols in writing.

Now, they are asking that we give them more time to internally come up with their own procedure. We think this is unacceptable. A month into the start of school and almost two years in to this pandemic, we think the District has had more than enough time to demonstrate if they are capable of coming up with their own procedure. We do not think that they are, which is why we are asking that they bargain those procedures in collaboration with us and our partner Unions.  

We urge you to contact the school board trustees, asking them to direct District staff to bargain Covid-19 protocols with the Unions. Below you will find a sample message you can cut and paste, along with the e-mails of the five school board trustees. Please edit the message to be more personal and specific to you.  Please keep reaching out to us to report unsafe conditions.  

 In Solidarity,

Jeanette Bradfield, (925) 783-9166
Shaune Vaughn,  (916) 288-5627
Veronica Diaz,  (831) 840-3966