Hilton SF Union Square Concierges Join Local 856

Local 856 is excited to welcome new concierge members at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square to our union. The concierges join their front desk and office colleagues at the hotel who have long been Teamsters 856 members.

“I was honored to represent my concierge colleagues at the official signing to join Local 856. We are excited about improved benefits such as better health insurance, job security, fair competitive wages and a pension to look forward to,” said Javier Caelles, a concierge and new Local 856 member.

In July, Caelles, Local 856 President Mike Lagomarsino, San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director and former Local 856 Vice President Rudy Gonzalez, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney, and Human Resources Director John Bernier met to check the union cards and make their membership official.

Congratulations on becoming Teamsters and welcome to the Local 856 family!