Local 856 Members Show Strength in National Teamster Election: Sean O’Brien Elected General President; Peter Finn Elected Western Region VP 

Sean O’Brien (R) and Peter Finn (L) will be sworn in to the Teamsters General Executive Board on March 22.

Local 856 members made their voices heard loud and clear across the country in the national Teamster election. In results that were certified in early December, Sean O’Brien was elected overwhelmingly as Teamster General President, and I am honored to have been elected on his team as a Western Region Vice President. 

Local 856 members played a huge part in the election, participating in record numbers. In fact, Local 856 members cast the second most votes in the entire Western Region, a region made up of nearly 90 Local Unions. That trend continued nationally, with the members of Local 856 participating in the vote at levels only exceeded by a handful of other Locals. 

This demonstration of 856 strength is the result of the hard work of stewards and members across our Local Union that encouraged voter participation, and in doing so, played an important role in determining what the future of our Union looks like. Thank you.

Priority remains strong contracts, aggressive representation for members

As we enter the new year, I am more energized than ever to put in the work necessary to ensure Local 856 members win strong contracts and get the aggressive representation you deserve. Our entire 856 team is committed to diligent representation and to taking the fight to employers on behalf of  members at the bargaining table. 

The year ahead will bring contract fights in industries across our Local, including in the private sector, public services, and food processing. As always, to win these fights at the negotiating table, we will need to deploy a comprehensive bargaining and legal strategy, with a strong political and communications plan, all combined with our most powerful weapon: an active and engaged membership willing to stand up to management. Collectively, we have strength in numbers, and by standing together with a unified purpose, we can win. 

It’s an understatement to say the last two years of Covid have been hard, and unfortunately, it appears the challenges of the pandemic are not yet behind us. What is absolutely crystal clear is how Local 856 members have showed up to work through thick and thin and delivered for our communities. Whether in healthcare, public service, airline, food processing, hospitality, package delivery, school districts, benefit administration, car rental, and more, you have been there day-in and day-out showing the world what it means to be Teamster Strong. The public recognizes your commitment and it’s time to demand employers do the same.