Annual Membership Survey Results

annual_membership_survey_resultsYear after year Teamsters 856 members continue to take the Annual Membership Survey in record numbers, and 2016 was no different, with an all-time high level of participation. This year’s survey launched a little earlier than in previous years so that it could focus on upcoming the California Presidential Primary. “Our next president will make decisions that will have a substantial impact on how we as union members are able to exercise our rights, so  it was important to hear the membership’s thoughts on the upcoming primary race and November’s general election,” said Principal Officer Peter Finn. 

Below are a few key results from the survey:
  • Local 856 members turn out to vote: 77% of survey participants are planning to vote in the California Presidential Primary.  
  • Members favored Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump by a nearly 4 to 1 margin.
  • After hearing the next president will appoint a new Supreme Court Justice who will swing the majority Court for or against workers and labor unions for years to come, 78% said a Democrat would appoint someone to the Court who is more likely to protect union workers’ rights. 
  • Over two-thirds of members who took the survey said the Supreme Court should be a top issue the Union considers when deciding who to endorse.