General Election Endorsements 2016

Teamsters 856 thoroughly vets all endorsements of candidates and ballot measures. Make sure that your vote is for working families.

U.S. Senate
Congressional Candidates
Assembly Candidates
State Senate Candidates
Statewide Ballot Measures
Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Marin County
Merced County
Napa County
Sacramento County
San Francisco
San Mateo County
Santa Clara County
Solano County
Sonoma County

 * indicates incumbent 


Hillary Clinton (D)

U.S. Senate

Kamala Harris (D)

Congressional Candidates

District  1             Jim Reed (D)

District 2              *Jared Huffman (D)

District 3              * John Garamendi (D)

District 4               No Endorsement

District 5                *Mike Thompson (D)

District 6               * Doris Matsui (D)

District 7               No Endorsement

District 9              *Jerry McNerney (D)

District 10           Michael Eggman (D)

District 11             *Mark DeSaulnier (D)

District 12           *Nancy Pelosi (D)

District 13            *Barbara Lee (D)

District 14             *Jackie Speier (D)

District 15            *Eric Swalwell (D)

District 16            No Endorsement

District 17            *Mike Honda (D)

District 18             *Anna Eshoo (D)

District 19              *Zoe Lofgren (D)

District 20            Jimmy Panetta (D)

District 21             Emilio Huerta (D)

District 22            No Endorsement

District 23            Wendy Reed (D)


State Assembly Candidates

District 1      No Endorsement

District 2      *Jim Wood (D)

District  3     Edward Richie (D), James Gallagher (R)

District  4     Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D)

District 5      No Endorsement

District 6      No Endorsement

District 7       *Kevin McCarty (D)

District  8       *Ken Cooley (D)

District 9        *Jim Cooper (D)

District 10       *Marc Levine (D)

District  11        *Jim Frazier (D)

District 12        No Endorsement

District  13        *Susan Eggman (D)

District 14       Mae Torlakson (D), Tim Grayson,  (D) (Dual)

District 15        *Tony Thurmond (D)

District  16       Cheryl Cook-Kallio (D)

District 17       *David Chiu (D)

District 18     *Rob Bonta (D)

District 19     *Phil Ting (D)

District  20    *Bill Quirk (D)

District  21     *Adam Gray (D)

District  22     *Kevin Mullin (D)

District 23       No Endorsement

District 24      Vicki Veenker (D)

District 25      *Kansen Chu (D)

District 26       No Endorsement

District 27      Ash Kalra (D)

District 28        *Evan Low (D)

District 29        *Mark Stone (D)

District 30        Anna Caballero (D)

District  31        Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D)

District  32     *Rudy Salas (D)


State Senate Candidates

District 1    No Endorsement

District 3    Bill Dodd (D)

District 5    *Cathleen Galgiani (D)

District 7     No Endorsement

District 9    Sandre Swanson (D)

District 11    Jane Kim (D)

District 13   *Jerry Hill (D)

District 15   *Jim Beall (D)

District 17   Bill Monning (D)


Statewide Ballot Measures

School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities.

State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds.

Revenue Bonds Statewide Voter Approval

Legislature, Legislation and Proceedings.

Tax Extension to Fund Education and Health Care.

Cigarette Tax to Fund Health Care, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research and Law Enforcement 

Criminal Sentences, Juvenile Criminal Proceedings, and Sentencing

English Language Education

California Overturn of Citizens United Act Advisory Question (2016)

Adult Films Condom Requirements

State Prescription Drug Purchases Pricing Standards

Death Penalty. Repeal.

Firearms. Ammunition Sales

Marijuana Legalization 

Carry -Out Bags. Charges.

Death Penalty. Procedures.  

Referendum to Overturn Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. 



Local Endorsements

Alameda County

Measure A1 ($580 mil. housing bond): Yes
Measure B1( School Bond): Yes
Measure M1 (Renter Protection): Yes
Measure K1 (Utility Transfer Tax): Yes
Measure RR: BART Bond: Yes
AC Transit Parcel Tax: Yes

Alameda County Superior Court Judge: Scott Jackson
AC Transit Board – At Large: Chris Peeples
BART Board Dist. 3: Rebecca Saltzman

City of Alameda
City Council: Malia Vella
Auditor: Mike McMahon
Treasurer: Jeff Bratzler
School Board: Gray Harris (incumbent); Matt Hettich; Dennis Popalardo

City of Berkeley
City Council, District 2: Darryl Moore (incumbent)

City of Dublin
Mayor: David Haubert
City Council: Melissa Hernandez-Strah

City of Fremont
Mayor: Bill Harrison (incumbent)

City of Livermore
City Council: Gary Stewart (incumbent)
Mayor: John Marchand

City of Oakland
City Council Dist. 3: Lynette Gibson McElhaney
City Council Dist. 7: Larry Reid (incumbent)
School Directors Dist. 1: Jody London (incumbent)
School Directors Dist. 5: Roseann Torres (incumbent)
Measure HH (Soda Tax): No
Measure JJ (Renters Protection): Yes
Measure KK (Infrastructure Bond): Yes

City of San Leandro
City Council Dist. 2: Bryan Azevedo
City Council Dist. 6: Pete Ballew
School Board Area 5: Diane Prola
Measure PP (Infrastructure Tax): Yes
Measure J1 (School Bond): Yes

City of Union City
Mayor: Jim Navarro

City Council: Gary Singh

Contra Costa County

Board of Supervisors
District 3: Diane Burgis
District 5: Federal Glover (incumbent)

Measure RR (BART Bond): Yes

City of Antioch
City Council: Monica Wilson (incumbent); Mary Rocha

City of Brentwood
Claudette Staton

City of Concord
Carlyn Obringer
Edi Birsan (incumbent)

City of Martinez
Treasurer: Carolyn Robinson (incumbent)
City Council: Mark Ross

City of Orinda

City Council: Inga Miller

City of Pittsburg
City Council: Ben Johnson (incumbent)

City of Pleasant Hill
City Council: Ken Carlson (incumbent)

City of Richmond
City Council: Nathaniel Bates (incumbent); Jael P. Myrick (incumbent); Cesar Zepeda (incumbent)

City of San Ramon
City Council: Phil O’Loane (incumbent); Sabina Zafar

Mount Diablo Unified School District
Cherise Khaund; Joanne Durkee

Martinez School Board
Jonathan Wright (incumbent)

Marin County

Board of Supervisors
District 4: Dennis Rodoni

Judge Seat
Sheila Lichtblau

Merced County

Board of Supervisors
District 2: Hub Walsh (incumbent)
District 4: Lloyd Pareira

City of Merced
Mayor: Joshua Pedrozo

Napa County

Board of Supervisors 
District 2: Mark Luce

City of Napa
City Council: Scott Sedgely (incumbent); Mary Luros (incumbent)
Mayor: Jill Techel (incumbent)

Sacramento County 

City of Elk Grove
Mayor: Steve Ly

West Sacramento City Council
Beverly Sandeen

Quirina Orozco

Measure B – Road Maintenance & Traffic Relief: YES

City & County of San Francisco

Board of Supervisors
District: 1: Sandra Lee Fewer
District 3: Aaron Peskin
District 5: London Breed
District 7: Norman Yee
District 9: Josh Arce, Hillary Ronan
District 11: Ahsha Safai

BART Board of Directors
District 7: Lateefa Simon
District 9: Bevan Dufty

San Francisco Community College District
Alex Randolph
Tom Temprano
Rafael Mendelman

San Francisco Board of Education
Matt Haney
Stevon Cook
Mark Sanchez

Measure A (San Francisco School Bond): Yes
Measure J (SF Funding for Homelessness & Transportation): Yes
Measure K (SF General Sales Tax): Yes
Measure RR (BART BOND): Yes
Measure W (SF Real Estate Transfer): Yes

Measure V (SF Soda Tax): No

San Mateo County

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
District 5: David Canepa

Jefferson Unified High School District:
Kalimah Slahddin

Daly City City Council
Juslyn Manalo
Glenn Sylvester

Pacifica City Council
Sue Vaterlaus

Santa Clara County

Measure A (Housing Bond): Yes
Measure B (Transportation Funding): Yes

City of Campbell
City Council: Donald Christopher Young, Richard Waterman

City of Cupertino
City Council: Jerry Liu

City of Milpitas
City Council: Robert Nunez, Mark Tiernan

City of Morgan Hill
City Council: Larry Carr, Rene Angelo Spring

City of Mountain View
City Council: Margaret Koga, Thilda Cornes, Lisa Matichak, Lucas Ramirez
Measure V (Rent Stabilization/Control Ordinance): Yes

City of Santa Clara
City Council: Seat 3: Debi Davis
City Council Seat 4: Tino Silva
City Council Seat 6: Kathy Watanabe
City Council Seat 7: Teresa O’Neill
Santa Clara Unified School District, Area 2: Albert Gonzalez
Santa Clara Unified School District, Area 3: Anna Welsh

City of San Jose
City Council Dist. 2: Sergio Jimenez
City Council Dist. 5: Helen Chapman

City Council Dist. 8: Sylvia Arenas
Measure E (Opportunity to Work): Yes
Measure F: Yes

Solano County

Board of Supervisors Dist. 2: Mike Ioakimedes

City of Benecia
City Council: Christina Strawbridge (incumbent); Lionel Largaespada
Mayor: Mark Hughes

City of Dixon
Mayor: Jack Batchelor (incumbent)
City Council Dist. 3: Steve Bird (incumbent)
City Council Dist. 4: Jerry Castanon (incumbent)

City of Fairfield
City Council: Rick Vaccaro (incumbent); Robert Marin

City of Suisun
City Council: Mike Segala (incumbent); Lori Wilson (incumbent)

City of Vacaville
City Council: Ron Rowlett (incumbent)

City of Vallejo
Mayor: Landis Graden

City Council: Latressa Alford. Rozzana Verder-Aliga

Sonoma County

Board of Supervisors Dist. 5: Lynda Hopkins, Noreen Evans

City of Santa Rosa
City Council: Chris Rogers, Jack Tibbetts, Ernesto Olivares
Measure N & O: Yes

Town of Windsor
Town Council: Debora Lynn Fudge