American Airlines Tentative Agreements

We’ve heard the requests from members regarding the full tentative agreement. While the bargaining committee is still working on making all of the articles available to read, several articles are now available.

More articles will be added as they are made available, so please check back for updates. The entirety of the tentative agreement will be available before voting begins on Dec. 21.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process.

Article 1 — Purpose of Agreement

Article 5 — Hours of Service

Article 8 — Seniority

Article 10 — Temporary Employees

Article 16 — Medical Examinations

Article 20 — Vacations

Article 21 — Limited Duty

Article 22 — Probation

Article 23 — Uniforms

Article 25 — Grievance Procedure

Article 26 — System Boards of Adjustment