Young Teamsters


Young Teamsters is a group of Teamsters 856 members age 35 and under who are taking an active role in our Union to ensure that the hard-fought gains of previous generations, like health & welfare, pension, and good wages are protected for today’s working families. We know that the continued strength and unity of the labor movement depends heavily on the ability of younger Teamsters to develop into effective leaders.

How do we accomplish that?

We get involved! We are committed to educating ourselves on our rights as workers and Union members. We get together to attend workshops that teach us about our rights in the workplace, talk about our issues and how we can be more involved in the labor movement.

Why should you check Young Teamsters out?

Young Teamsters is a great way to meet fellow young Teamsters 856 Members who go through the same things at work you do. You’ll learn how exercise your rights in the workplace. We can make a difference for our future and have fun too!


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