Teamsters 856 Members Join Hundreds of Alameda County Workers To Demand an End to Staffing Crisis

On Monday, February 13, hundreds of Alameda County workers, including Teamsters 856 members, rallied with community allies in Oakland, protesting the nearly 25% vacancy rate and demanding county officials “Staff Up Alameda County.”

“Each vacancy represents a vital service not being provided to the people of Alameda County,” said Edward Vieira-Ducey, President of the Alameda County Prosecutors Association and member of Teamsters Local 856. “And with a staggering 2,611 vacancies, it is clear that the County is failing the very people it is meant to serve. In our unit, we have over 18% unfilled positions. That is 18% less staff to fight for victims and their families. It’s time to invest in our county services and the workers who provide them.”

Workers planted over 2,611 flags representing the unfilled county positions and marched to Alameda County Administration Building to deliver a letter demanding the County Board of Supervisors solve the staffing crisis.

“Short staffing of this magnitude is debilitating to the people of Alameda County,” said Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 856. “Our most vulnerable community members lose access to critical services while workers are stretched thin trying to meet the ever-growing demand. The result is long lines, and overworked county employees.” 

Thank you to the Teamsters Local 856 members and hundreds of county workers who made this rally a success.