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Teamsters 856’s first year in Contra Costa County

April 3, 2017

For a little over a year now, Teamsters 856 has represented workers employed by Contra Costa County. From wage increases to health care, improvements and changes in the way temporary employees are treated – a lot has been accomplished. Confidence, trust, and power have been built, and Teamsters 856 members are equipped to continue toRead More >

Shop Stewards: Members’ voices on the job

April 3, 2017

Teamsters 856 Shop Stewards are leaders in the union. Stewards address member needs, represent member concerns, and advocate for fellow members on the job. Strong Stewards are better equipped to win strong contracts, enforce the collective bargaining agreement, keep everyone informed of their rights as workers, and hold employers accountable. Developing strong Stewards helps buildRead More >