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Welcome to the official webpage for Sonoma County Correctional Deputies who are organizing for a strong union. An organizing committee has been formed to work with Teamster organizers in an effort to build unity, pride and strength among us. We are working with the Teamsters Law Enforcement Division to have our own bargaining unit of correctional deputies so that we can negotiate a fair contract based on our unique profession and needs

Campaign Updates

July 18, 2016

You’ll recall that our petition for an election and appeal to the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) was taken up at a public meeting on May 3, 2016. At that meeting, we made the case for an election and a majority of the County Board of Supervisors seemed supportive of that process. Rather than force the issue, the County BOS asked County Labor Relations, Teamsters 856 and SCLEA to try to come to an agreement on an election. The meeting that eventually took place did not produce an agreement for an election and the matter went back to the County BOS on July 12, 2016. In case you missed the update we sent on that meeting, click here.

Last week, during the regular BOS meeting, our petition came before 4 of 5 members of the Board (Supervisor Zane was not present) resulting in a 2-2 vote. While the County BOS, County Labor Relations, and the independent fact-finder have all indicated that a bargaining unit comprised solely of correctional deputies IS the most appropriate unit, the County has effectively used process to suppress a free and fair election. You can watch the 2-2 vote here.

Let’s be clear about what we have been seeking with an election. An election would have given deputies a choice to be a corrections-only unit and represented as Teamsters, SCLEA or no-union at all.

As Teamsters, we are proud of our strong and democratic Union and we want your input. Please click the survey button below and tell us how YOU would like us to proceed with this campaign.

In Solidarity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

May 3, 2016

This week the Board of Supervisors took up the matter of our petition, seeking an election for a Correctional Deputy bargaining unit. As this process moves forward, there will be plenty of time for campaigning. We trust that you can cut through the spin and make your own informed decision about having a Correctional Deputy unit as Teamsters or being in a multi-unit under the current association.

Rather than editorialize the recent Board meeting, you can watch the video for yourself here.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator


April 14, 2015

We are proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Rains Lucia Stern, PC to provide full service representation for Sonoma County Correctional Deputies.

RLS is a premier law firm in the State of California specializing in Peace Officer representation. RLS is dedicated to protecting the rights of its peace officer clients and provides representation in administrative investigations, critical incidents, criminal matters and civil litigation, including workers’ compensation and personal injury.

As members of Teamsters 856, Sonoma County Correctional Deputies will have The Ultimate Backup with RLS in their corner. Please take some time to learn more about RLS by visiting their website:

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
Vice President

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