Growing to Over 10,000 Members: Building Power for ALL of Local 856

When 1,700 Contra Costa County employees became Local 856 members in February, it added to the significant growth we have seen over the last several years, and for the first time in our 67-year history as a Local Union, Teamsters 856 now has over 10,000 members. This growth in numbers is important because it grows the strength of current Local 856 members. We build power as an organization, as a movement, and as a membership, when more people decide to stand together with us in our fight for economic fairness and respect on the job.

As we have grown as a Local Union, we have continued to remain concentrated on our primary focus as an organization: aggressively and effectively representing current Teamster 856 members at the bargaining table and in the workplace. In fact, as more and more people decide to stand together with us at Local 856, it directly translates into increased added power for current members. Specifically, we build density in key industries, expand our geographic and political influence, and most important, growing our Union adds resources to support current members’ bargaining fights, contract enforcement, and representation.

The organizing wins that have led to building the membership to over 10,000 have not been driven by “fancy sales pitches” or making “false promises”, but rather, delivering real results at the bargaining table and doing what we aim to do for all members of Local 856. That is, to stand together with strength, take a smart, strategic approach to attacking issues, and most important, be willing to fight when we need to. And when we take on an employer that has forced a fight, not being afraid to deploy the resources necessary to be effective, whether with professional negotiators at the bargaining table, applying creative pressure tactics in the workplace, implementing smart legal strategies, leveraging politics, or even hitting the streets with direct action if necessary.

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Support United Airlines Teamsters’ Fight for a Fair Contract

st_web_sp_2016In February, 93.2% of United Airlines Teamsters nationwide voted to reject a company-forced proposal that would have slashed wages for incoming mechanics, increased health care costs, and outsourced aircraft maintenance – even as United Airlines continues to make record profits quarter after quarter.

There are more than 9,000 United Airlines Teamsters across the country, with over 3,000 members working around the clock at SFO to ensure that the planes we fly in are safe and well maintained.

Working people deserve better, and Teamsters at United Airlines are taking a stand against corporate greed with this overwhelming rejection and several recent actions, including a lunchtime rally at SFO, informational picketing at airport terminals, and protesting at JP Morgan’s annual Aviation, Transportation & Industrials investor conference in New York City.

Over the coming months, there are sure to be more actions as we continue the fight for a fair contract and prepare for a possible strike.
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