Teamsters 856 member honored for her hard work and dedication

Last September, Teamsters 856 member Rosaura De Alvarez was recognized as Employee of the Month by the County of Marin. Just a few months later, she learned she would receive the County’s Employee of the Year award as well.

With her track record of going above and beyond both on the job and in her community, it’s really no surprise that Rosaura, who goes by Rosie, won such a high honor.

“She’s become active in many different roles outside of the department,” said Tim Farrell, fellow probation officer and President of the Teamsters 856 Marin County Probation Officers Association. “I admire her a lot. She’s smart, has a good sense of humor, and is someone I’ve enjoyed working with for many years now.”

In addition to her day-to-day work as a Senior Deputy Probation Officer in the Juvenile Division of Marin County Probation, Rosie is also a proud Teamsters 856 Shop Steward and Vice President of the Association.

When she leaves work, Rosie’s passion for what she does goes with her. She runs the local chapter of the National Latino Peace Officer Association and serves as president of the Marin County Latino Employees Association.

Even with such an impressive résumé, Rosie was humbled by the Employee of the Year honor. “We have so many great people working here in such a progressive county,” she said. “There are so many superstars here…It was a great honor to be chosen among them.”

She’s proud of her coworkers and the work they do, calling them the real deal and agents of change.

Rosie’s humility and strength were instilled in her from her childhood days growing up in a union home. “My parents were involved in the farmworker movement,” she explained. “We marched with Cesar Chavez in the boycotts in Napa Valley. This was implemented in me at a very young age.”

The work Rosie does now for Marin Probation is reflective of her belief that it is her duty to serve her community. As a Probation Officer, Rosie is also a task force sworn officer for the FBI where she currently works on cases of child exploitation and abduction.

“I’m a servant to my community,” said Rosie “I think that in this type of position I can influence change and role model it – especially for the Latino community who don’t normally see people like me in positions like mine.”

Teamsters 856 Staff Attorney Malia Vella called Rosie talented and hardworking at work and for the union. “She is good at everything she does and sets a high bar for excellence in every aspect of her life, yet remains grounded and humble,” said Malia. “It’s no surprise that she earned this honor.”

Congratulations Rosie!