Rosemarie Amado, ‘Voice of Local 856’ Retires

Rosemarie Amado was part of the 856 staff for 15 years before retiring in July.

Rosemarie Amado was part of the 856 staff for 15 years before retiring in July.

If you’ve called the Local 856 office in the last 15 years, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with Rosemarie Amado, or “the voice of Local 856” as Vice President Rudy Gonzalez affectionately nicknamed her. However, earlier this year, Amado announced her intention to retire and on July 31 she answered her last call as the Teamsters 856 receptionist.

Amado was often the first person members dealing with workplace crises reached and her eternally cheerful disposition and innate compassion made her perfect for the role. In fact, she considered keeping a smile on her face essential to her job duties — perhaps because she knew exactly what it was like to be a member. Prior to joining the 856 staff, Amado was a member at Delta Dental for 26 years and even served on the Local 856 Executive Board as a trustee in the early 90s.

But Amado isn’t the only person in her family with a long Union history, her father was a Teamster for more than 40 years as a brewer for Lucky Lager Beer, her mother was a longtime union member at Macys, her grandfather worked as longshoreman, and all of three of her siblings were Union members at one time or another in their respective careers.

“It’s so important to belong to a Union,” said Amado. “It’s such a good feeling to know that someone has your back to fight for the best of wages, working conditions, and that sweet rainbow at the end – retirement,” she said.

“Rosemarie is truly irreplaceable,” said Principal Officer Peter Finn. “Her kind spirit, patience and unwavering willingness to lend a kind ear was a true benefit to the membership and staff alike. She is sorely missed, but she deserves nothing but the best in her retirement.”

As for retired life, Amado plans to travel, spend time with her family, children and grandchildren, and catch up on the much-needed sleep she missed to make the long commute from her home in the East Bay to the 856 Hall in San Bruno.

Although the Local 856 staff misses Rosemarie terribly, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to her in her next chapter.