Report: Children of Union members are healthier, earn higher wages


Children of union members earn higher wages, have greater economic mobility than children raised in comparable households according to a new study.

A new study has revealed that Union membership has a positive impact on children of union members well into adulthood.

Research conducted by economists from Harvard University, Wellesley College, and the Center for American Progress, found that children of Union members earn higher wages, have greater economic mobility, and are healthier than children who grew up in similar non-union households.

Among the findings:

  • Children of non-college educated fathers earn 28 percent more if their father was in a labor union
  • Union jobs may be more stable and predictable, which could produce a more stable living environment for children, and union jobs are more likely to provide family health insurance
  • Areas with higher union membership density demonstrate more mobility for low-income children

The study states: “These findings are new and illustrate a previously ignored factor that could be essential for promoting economic mobility. However, they are not particularly surprising, given the extensive research that has been done on unions and middle class incomes.”

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