Members helping members keeps Local 856 strong

January 2019

In January, Teamster 856 members from the Contra Costa County and West Contra Costa Unified School District Strength in Numbers committees met again for a morning of training in the Local 856 field office in Martinez.

The training was kicked off with a welcome by Local 856 Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer Peter Finn. Sally Payne from the Teamsters Training and Development department then led a session on how to effectively welcome new employees into the workplace and make them familiar with the union.

Many Local 856 shop stewards and Strength in Numbers committee members have begun attending scheduled new employee orientations if they happen at their jobs or making sure to have one-on-one conversations with their new co-workers.

Setting aside time to speak with new employees gives current Teamsters 856 members a chance to explain that standing together gives union members the strength and collective power on the job to secure a fair return on their work, secure and maintain affordable health care and retirement security, and improve working conditions.

Sally provided the over 40 Local 856 members in attendance with the tools they need to be successful in new employee orientation and to keep the union strong.

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December 2018

Local 856 members know that their union is at its strongest when members stand together. That’s why at many workplaces, members and their Teamsters 856 representatives have created Strength In Numbers committees.

One of the goals of the committee is to make sure that every new employee where they work becomes a member of Local 856. And to reach that goal, they attend new employee orientations and talk to their new co-workers about what it means to be a union member and why it’s important for employees to stand together as members of Teamsters 856.

Members of the Contra Costa County Teamsters Strength In Numbers committee have been attending orientations for some time now and have had great success in answering new employee’s questions and welcoming them to Teamsters 856.

Recently, the Contra Costa County committee met with the West Contra Costa Unified School District Strength In Numbers committee and shop stewards from Teamsters 856 public sector units around the East Bay to train them on best practices for onboarding new employees at new employee orientations.

Check out photos below of members helping members keep our union strong. This is Strength In Numbers.