Local 856 members support Marriott Strike

In October, thousands of Unite Here members who work at Marriott hotels in seven cities around the country walked out on strike. Members had been in contract negotiations for months, but the Marriott refused to agree to pay employees enough to support their families.

(Go to www.gofundme.com/sf-labor-council-strike to assist striking workers who are experiencing financial hardship during the strike.)

Teamsters 856 represents front desk, accounting, reservations, and concierge employees at the Marriott Union Square, Palace Hotel, Westin St. Francis, and the W Hotel in San Francisco. Local 856 members at these hotels have bravely decided to honor the strike and join the picket lines alongside their Unite Here Local 2 co-workers.

Throughout the month, hundreds of Local 856 members have also joined the picket lines in Oakland and San Francisco to add their voices to Unite Here’s demand that: ONE JOB SHOULD BE ENOUGH to survive.

Check out the photo gallery below and click on the video to see Local 856 Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer Peter Finn speak to union members on strike in San Francisco.