Executive Board to Begin New 3-Year Term

Executive Board Members (L-R): President Mike Lagomarsino, Vice President Rudy Gonzalez, Trustee Judy Rodrigues, Recording Secretary Paola Gleeson, Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn, Trustee Lisa Chin, Trustee Mark Gabriel

In January, Teamsters 856 Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn, along with the entire Executive Board, will begin a new three-year term leading the Union. In November, all members of the Executive Board were nominated, without opposition, and declared elected by acclamation for a three-year term beginning in January 2018.

“We are honored to have the opportunity and ready to work harder than ever alongside the 12,000 members of Local 856,” Finn said. “We are excited to build on our progress and continue to fight for what’s most important: better wages, strong benefits, and the respect in the workplace the members of Local 856 deserve.”

The Teamsters 856 Executive Board consists of the following members:
Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer
Mike Lagomarsino, President
Rudy Gonzalez, Vice President
Paola Gleeson, Recording Secretary
Mark Gabriel, Trustee
Judy Rodrigues, Trustee
Lisa Chin, Trustee