Edgewood Teamsters Halt Illegal Firings


Edgewood residential counselors became Teamsters in May of this year.

Edgewood residential counselors have put management on notice that its previous one-sided approach to labor relations will not stand now that they are Teamsters by forcing management to overturn four terminations.

Over the last few months, Edgewood management terminated multiple employees without sending notice to the Union. Even worse, a few of the fired employees were not interviewed or given a chance
to refute the allegations that led to their terminations.

Teamsters 856 Representative Tim Jenkins had previously warned Edgewood management that although the members do not have a collective bargaining agreement with a formal grievance procedure yet, the employer is still required to bargain with the Union before taking disciplinary action. When management ignored these warnings, Jenkins filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

In response, management backed down and rescinded four terminations. Two of the Teamsters whose firings were overturned have decided not to return to Edgewood and have accepted cash settlements, while the other two members will return to work this week with full back pay.

Edgewood residential counselors voted to become Teamsters in May of this year and are currently preparing to negotiate their first contract.

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