Contra Costa County Teamster Win Strong Contract

Worker Power and Collective Action Leads to Strong Win for Contra Costa County Teamsters

After months of tough negotiations, the over 2,000 Contra Costa County members of Teamsters Local 856 won a strong contract in August of 2022.

The victory comes after months of direct action from the workers of Contra Costa County, including two rallies at the Board of Supervisors, 14 worksite actions, and a successful strike school with over 400 attendees. Countless union members called into County Board of Supervisors meetings and lobbied the County’s elected officials for support.

“Contra Costa County Teamsters demonstrated the true definition of solidarity,” said Peter Finn, Teamsters 856 Secretary-Treasurer. “By standing together with co-workers across County, Teamsters 856 members demanded respect and won a strong contract. This is a win for the workers and residents of Contra Costa County.”

The four-year contract includes wage increases, benefits improvements, and strengthening protections for the Teamsters 856 members.