Crowne Plaza SFO Members Hold Action Calling for Fair Contract and an End to Stall Tactics at Bargaining

Dozens of union members and elected officials joined the Crowne Plaza SFO Teamsters Local 856 members on Thursday, November 17, for an informational leaflet in front of the hotel demanding a fair contract and calling for hotel ownership to bargain in good faith. 

Special thanks to CA State Senator Josh Becker, Burlingame Councilmember Emily Beach, UNITE HERE Local 2, and all the Teamsters that stood shoulder to shoulder with our members.

“We’re out here today to send a message to Crowne Plaza Management that we deserve a fair contract, and you all deserve respect,” Peter Finn, Local 856 Secretary-Treasurer, told Crowne Plaza SFO members. “As Teamsters, you have the full backing of our entire Local union. Local 856 is 17,000 members strong. You have the full backing of 250,000 Teamsters in the state of California and over a million Teamsters across the country, and we are willing to stick this fight out.”

​​Stall tactics by the Crowne Plaza SFO have created long delays resulting in the workers going without a wage increase since 2018. Despite the deep pockets of its foreign investment parent company, Upsky Hotels, the Crowne Plaza SFO, and its investors have failed to bargain in good faith, repeatedly canceling meetings and failing to have a decision-maker from Upsky at the bargaining table.  

Upsky Hotels and their parent company, Upsky Holdings, have been laced with controversy for years, including allegations of patterns of “self-dealing, undisclosed related party transactions, and breach of fiduciary duty” by the CEO of Upsky.