Negotiations Update — March 5, 2018

Last week we went back into negotiations. We explained the struggles members are facing, such as skyrocketing housing costs, long commutes, staffing, and fleet issues. While Hertz may hear us talking, their proposals show us they aren’t truly listening. 

Maybe Hertz forgot that we voted down their last offer and authorized a strike?

Our demands for affordable health care and a living wage are important and we can’t let Hertz ignore us. 

So after two more days of bargaining, here’s where we are:

The good news? Hertz withdrew it’s plan to break up our contract by geography.

The bad news? Hertz is not willing to pay a fair wage or deal with the rising costs of health care. And when we asked for another day to bargain, Hertz negotiators refused. They also served us with notice that they are ending the extension agreement. Up until this point, the extension was in place to avoid a strike or lock-out while we negotiated.

Clearly, they are sending a message that they intend to fight.

Your coworkers on the Local 856 Bargaining Team will not recommend acceptance of the most recent offer. Click here to read it.

Hertz said they are done negotiating, but we feel they need to improve their offer. We don’t think we should strike, yet. But we definitely need to push back.  

Are you willing to settle for this offer or are you ready to fight back? Click here to take a short survey and tell us what you think.

Remember, united we bargain, divided we beg.