Marin County Probation Officers Set to Protest Low Wages & Outsourcing of Critical County Services

FOR MEDIA PLANNING: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Contact: Susanna Farber – | (415) 310-6730

Marin County Probation Officers Call on the County to Support County Workers with Living Wages & Job Protections

(San Rafael, CA) Marin County Probation Officers, joined by other safety officers, county employees, and labor organizations, will hold a rally and protest on Tuesday, October 4, calling on the County to provide living wages and stop the recent attempt to outsource critical Probation Department work.

The over 60 Marin County Probation Officers, represented by Teamsters Local 856, have been in tense contract negotiations since February of this year. Unfortunately, bargaining has come to a standstill after the County’s attempt to eliminate job protection language and proposed equity increases of 1.2% and .78%, which do little to close the wage gap of these workers compared to other counties.

Retention issues have plagued the Probation Department for the last few years, with Probation Officers leaving the County for more take-home pay and shorter commutes. Marin County Probation Officers rank sixth out of the surrounding eight counties, making their wages among the lowest in the area.

The County’s proposal to eliminate job protection language would allow contracting out to private corporations that have no connection to the community, trading profits for limited service and leaving our most vulnerable to pay the price. In addition, private entities are not held to the same standards as direct employees, potentially costing taxpayers millions with no accountability. 

WHAT: Rally for Living Wages and to Stop Outsourcing of County Jobs 

WHEN: Tuesday, October 4, 2022 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm

WHERE: Lagoon Park at the Civic Center

  • 160 Armory Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903


  • Marin County Probation Officers
  • County Workers
  • County Safety Officers
  • Union Members                                                         


  • Union Members Holding Signs and Banners


Teamsters Local 856

Teamsters 856 is a growing union of 17,000 working people throughout Northern California with offices in the Sacramento and Central Valley areas, as well as three offices in the Bay Area, including Oakland, Santa Rosa, and San Bruno. Founded in 1949, Teamsters 856 is affiliated with the 1.2 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters and has grown to become the second biggest Teamster Local in California. Our members work in a broad spectrum of professions at over 150 different employers in both the public and private sector, in such diverse industries as airline, package and freight, benefits administration, car rental, healthcare, hotel, food processing, law enforcement, public services, and more.