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No increase to Teamster Kaiser Plan

Open enrollment has begun, and we have good news: the Teamsters Kaiser Plan will maintain the same quality benefits with no increase to the employee’s share of the premium in 2018. 

If you’re already enrolled in the Teamster Kaiser Plan, you do not need to take any action. You will continue to be enrolled in the Teamster Kaiser Plan. If you’re in a different plan and would like to switch to the Teamsters Kaiser Plan, select “Teamsters Local Union No. 856 Trust Fund KP Health Plan” during open enrollment. If you have any questions, you may contact the County’s benefits department at (925) 335-1746 for more information.

Read the latest report from Local 856 Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn: Strong members key to Local 856’s year of progress

As we approach the end of the year I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank your Teamster stewards, workplace leaders, and frankly, all 856 members for their dedication and hard work fighting on behalf of co-workers year-round.
Your hard work and dedication is making a lasting impact and producing real results. Local 856 has grown to become the largest Teamster Local in Northern California — doubling in size over the last 10 years. We now proudly represent over 12,000 members working at nearly 200 different employers. Local 856 members can be found in a diverse spectrum of industries including the public sector, hotels, airline, healthcare, benefit administration, law enforcement, car rental, package & logistics, warehouse & distribution, clerical, animal services, freight, vending, tradeshow and more. Read more.

Big win for Contra Costa County Teamsters

About a year and a half ago, more than 1,700 Contra Costa County employees voted to join Teamsters 856. Since then, members have been working together to build union power in the County. From decreasing employee health care premiums to converting temporary positions into permanent, career jobs – Contra Costa County Teamsters have won many real improvements.On October 1st, an agreement between the union and the County took effect reclassifying radiologic technologists and giving all diagnostic imaging employees the potential of a 25% raise depending on credentials, experience and years of service with the County. Read more.

Contra Costa County Teamster reinstated after wrongful termination

After 13 years of service, Victoria Mozzetti was wrongfully terminated from her position as an Institutional Service Worker (ISW) for Contra Costa County. […]
In June of this year, Teamsters 856’s attorneys approached the county about a settlement in Victoria’s case and they agreed. The agreement was signed in August, and Victoria was reinstated with full seniority on August 16thRead more.

Local 856 shines at Teamsters Women’s Conference in San Antonio

A contingent of 18 Teamsters 856 women traveled to San Antonio to represent the Local at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Women’s Conference. […]
The moment was particularly poignant for Bradfield, the former city of Orinda employee whose initial phone call to the Teamsters seeking strong representation sparked a watershed moment for public employees in Contra Costa County. […] “Under the leadership of our Principal Officer, Peter Finn, the momentum built as each newly organized unit saw what Local 856 can and will do for its members,” Bradfield told the crowd. “We’ve received higher wages, lower medical costs with better medical coverage, and overall a union that will fight like hell to protect its members. It’s something that we’ve never experienced in the past,” she continued. Read more.

Empowerment at the Teamsters National Black Caucus Conference

Every year, the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC) convenes for their annual conference. This year, for the first time in its 42-year history, the conference was held in Canada – specifically Vancouver, British Columbia.
This year, Teamsters 856 sent Veronica Hudson, a Shop Steward and 26-year Detention Services Worker at the West County Detention Center in Contra Costa County and Terrance Ricks, a Shop Steward and 29-year mechanic at United Airlines to represent the Union at the conference. Read more.



Our first year in Contra Costa County 

April 2017

For a little over a year now, Teamsters 856 has represented workers employed by Contra Costa County. From wage increases, to health care improvements, and changes in the way temporary employees are treated – we’ve accomplished a lot. Together, we’ve built confidence, trust, and power in Contra Costa County, and Teamsters 856 members there are equipped to continue fighting back challenges and winning victories.

“I’m so proud to be a member of the Teamsters,” said Shop Steward Lisa Day-Silva who works as an LVN at the Pittsburg Health Center. “We fight for what’s right, and if workers have been used and abused for all these years, you need to do right by them.”

The number one priority for members in Contra Costa County: health care.

Members were paying up to $800 a month for premiums, and had few health care options besides the Contra Costa County Health Plan (CCHP). When Teamsters 856 began representing County employees, the union offered its own Health & Welfare Trust Fund. The Local bargained directly with Kaiser for better rates, and members are saving on average, between $200 and $600 a month. Members who were enrolled in a County provided health plan as of June 1, 2016, received a one-time, $1,000 pay out to help with the rising cost of premiums. The difference has made a significant impact on members and their families.

“For one thing, we save more,” said Cris Carispo, a physical therapist at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. “CCHP was good, but the waiting periods could be about three months. Now, with Kaiser, we can just call for an appointment.”

“I was with Kaiser before and paying $400 just for myself,” said Occupational Therapist Matt Pajawee. “The savings means a lot in terms of being able to pay my student loans.”

“I’m saving around $300,” said Angelica Mantamoros, a Community Health Worker for Contra Costa Health Services. “I have more money to give my son in college, and my youngest son for the sports he plays. I have more access to health care with Kaiser, and I can save money every month.”

Another big victory: a 10 percent salary increase over three years.

“Right off the bat, during negotiations, we were able to incorporate a 10 percent raise,” said Lisa Day-Silva. “We hadn’t had one in years.” Lisa said the pay increase has helped her deal with the rising cost of living in the area.

“It’s been a big, big change,” said Cris Carispo. “We’re getting a 10 percent raise in the next three years…I can buy a new car!”

Temporary agency employees in the County have been targets of much of the misuse and abuse that has happened. For years, Contra Costa County used temporary agency employees to fill positions that should have been permanent. By doing so, these employees worked without access to benefits or worker protections. Some temporary employees were held in that status for as many as eight years.

Instead of rolling over and approving the County’s plan to further increase it’s nearly $5 million contract with a temp agency in Hanford, California, we challenged the validity of the practice. We worked together to force the County to meet and confer on all temporary agency contracts as they come up for renewal, and to date, over 100 temporary positions have been converted into permanent bid positions. Additionally, we’ve used the meet and confer process to establish a practice that offers LVN, CNA, and Lab Technician job assignments to employees by seniority.

In the past year, we’ve also made strides to protect part-time workers.

Previously, the County pro-rated the amount of the reimbursement part-time employees received for required continuing education coursework based on the number of hours they worked. This however, was not supported by the contract. We overturned this unfair practice through the grievance process. Now, part-time employees receive a 100 percent reimbursement for their training.

Teamsters 856 members in Contra Costa County are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together, but for many it goes beyond what we’ve done, it’s about knowing what we can accomplish in the future.

“We have that feeling that there is hope,” said Corinne Concannon, an Institutional Services Worker – Specialist at the Regional Medical Center. “We’re strong enough to stand up, and that means we have a chance to argue a point if something’s going wrong, and that’s important.

We are stronger now than we were a year ago, and will continue to build upon that strength as a powerful collective unit.

“We will not rest on our laurels, and become complacent now,” said Teamsters 856 Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn. “We should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished together in Contra Costa County, and use these victories to fuel our fire to fight for more.”

Contra Costa Teamsters: Preparing for Open Enrollment

Selecting the Teamster Kaiser Plan

How do I select the Teamster Kaiser Plan?

Your options for health coverage in your open enrollment packet will look something like the list below. The Teamster Kaiser Plan will be listed at “Teamsters 856 Trust Fund KP Health Plan”. Make sure you select this option if you want to enroll in the Teamster Kaiser Plan.


Why choose the Teamster Kaiser Plan?

1. Savings: Members who choose the Teamsters 856 Trust KP Health Plan will save between $200 and $600 per month depending on current plan and tier level.

2. County Contribution: The County is paying the dollar amount equivalent of 90% of the 2017 Teamster Kaiser monthly premium.

3. The Teamster Kaiser Plan’s benefits:

  • Unlimited Maximum Annual Benefit
  • No Annual Deductible
  • $15 doctor visits and outpatient services
  • No charge for daily room and board
  • No other hospital charges
  • No charge for ambulance trips when authorized by Plan physician
  • $35 co-pay for emergency room visits (waived if admitted)
  • No surgical charge
  • No lab/x-ray charges
  • $15 home health & hospice
  • No charge for physical exams
  • No charge for Well Baby Care
  • Conversion coverage available if requested
  • $10 co-pay for generic Rx/$20 co-pay for brand Rx
  • $15 per visit for Chiropractic, up to 20 visits

Important Information for Contra Costa Teamsters about the SEIU 1021 Strike:

October 6, 2016

As I am sure you have heard, SEIU 1021, is on strike against Contra Costa County. The County’s Social Workers and Eligibility Workers are on strike protesting the County’s unfair labor practices. We encourage all members to join SEIU 1021 on the picket line before or after your shift begins and while on lunch breaks.

Your health and safety is our utmost concern. You must decide individually whether you are in danger of physical harm in crossing the picket line. If you are in danger of physical harm, you have the right not to cross the picket line. If you choose not to cross the picket line to avoid physical harm, you must contact your supervisor as soon as practicable.

We support SEIU 1021 in the exercise of their right to protest the County’s unlawful practices and to speak out against problems at the Employment and Human Services Department.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Teamsters 856 Representatives, Richie Andazola ( or 925 775-8466) or Corey Hallman (415 867-2116 or

In Solidarity,

Peter Finn
Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer

June 24, 2016 – Contra Costa Contract Passed!

Dear CCC Teamsters,

The ballots have been tallied and the results are in. With approximately 60% of the membership participating in the vote, the GSM, HSU and LVN/Aide units have approved the tentative agreement.

Many thanks to the hundreds of members who attended meetings, asked questions and provided meaningful input to the Union Bargaining Team. The Negotiations Steering Committee also deserves credit for meeting with negotiators, often after work and on short-notice, and for helping to keep the membership informed throughout the process.

While we have much to do to enforce this contract and many goals ahead of us, today we have good cause to celebrate this victory. Congratulations. By standing together you have shown the County and each other that you are a Real Union. Have a great weekend.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez, on behalf of the Union Bargaining Team

 Teamster Kaiser Plan Benefit Information:

Information for GSM/HSU/LVN & Aides Teamsters about Switching to the Teamster Kaiser Plan

Please click the link below to view benefit schedule for the Teamster Kaiser Plan:

Teamsters Local Union No. 856 Health & Welfare Fund Schedule of Benefits: Kaiser HMO

June 14, 2016 Bargaining Update – Tentative Agreement Reached!

Moments ago, your Union Bargaining Team reached a comprehensive tentative agreement with County negotiators. The highlights include a new health plan option which will deliver significant reductions in healthcare premiums, guaranteed wage increases over a three-year term, increases to Code Grey, improved vacation approval language and more.

Final documents, used for voting, are being drafted for signature tomorrow, June 15.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez, on behalf of the Union Bargaining Team

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, GSM, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Maria Banales, LVN/Aide; Scott Castiglione, GSM; Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide; Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

Informational Meetings

Martinez-June 20
7 a.m., Noon and 6 p.m., Teamsters 315, 2727 Alhambra Ave, Martinez

Pittsburg Health Center-June 21
Noon and 6 p.m., 2311 Loveridge, Pittsburg

West County Health Center-June 22
Noon and 6 p.m.,13601 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo

Voting instructions and on-site balloting will be available at each meeting. We will also make drop-in voting available at Teamsters 315 in Martinez. A separate email with more voting details will go out this week.

June 9, 2016 Bargaining Update

We continued negotiations today with an all-day session. We began by negotiating sections of the MOU that need updating and worked on non-economic topics. One of our goals was to “clear the field” in order to focus on the the most critical issues. Here are some highlights from the first half of the day:

We reached an agreement to include improvements which will require a uniform timeline for management to respond to requests for vacation and protection against unreasonable denials.

Comp Time
The County has proposed to amend this section so that employees do not have to annually elect to accrue comp time when working overtime. This would mean that the employee defaults to their last annual election unless otherwise modified. While exploring this topic we learned that several bargaining units currently do not have the option for comp time (eg. DSA, DDAA, IAFF, IFPTE, PEU 1 Site Supes, UCOA, SEIU Service Line Supes) while others have an annual election like our MOU (eg. AFSCME 2700 & 512, Public Defenders, DAIA, PPOA, SEIU 1021 line staff, WCE). CNA maintains a right to change the election periodically with 30 days’ advance notice. We are preparing to counter this proposal at tomorrow’s session.

Formatting & Clean-up
We discussed moving supplement language from unit specific sections of the MOU into more appropriate sections of the agreement. The intent is to make the information, even when it is specific to a classification or unit, more readily accessible to members.

Performance Evaluations
The County proposed to modify this section by removing the fact-finding process when evaluations are under appeal. The rationale of the County was that this section has only been utilized approximately 5 times. To the Union, that sounds like it is serving its purpose. When a process escalates, it can deter abuse and encourage resolution and compromise at the lower levels, which is exactly what we want. We expect to keep our current process in these negotiations.

The afternoon session started at approximately 2 pm and the following issues were bargained until the early evening:

Sick-leave buy-back/SDI & Catastrophic Leave
In response to our concerns about inconsistent practices with respect to SDI Integration & Catastrophic Leave, Mr. Craig Taylor, Employee Benefits Supervisor, joined the afternoon session. Members of the Union Bargaining Team gave first-hand accounts of the confusing sick-leave buy-back process. We reviewed examples of various scenarios and gained some clarity on the current practice, which is different from the language in the current MOU. Understandably, members have been frustrated and some report having “given up” on trying to sort out their sick-leave integration during an injury. Your Union Bargaining Team took the opportunity to also discuss concerns with the Catastrophic Leave program and raised issues like the committee composition, committee authority and misinformation about individual donations (yes, you can designate a donation for an individual).

Temporary, Agency, Per-Diem, Registry, Permanent Intermittent…
The County brought Health Services Department Leadership, including COO Tim Cook, into the late afternoon discussions. Peter Finn, Lisa Day-Silva, Paul Valdez, Maria Banales, Kenneth Golsten and other members of the Team stepped up and weighed-in on the impacts of the over utilization of less-than full-time employees. Examples of more favorable assignments being awarded to registry and agency employees were brought forward and we made a point to call-out the fact that some employees are working as “temps” for 3, 4 and 5 years while waiting on full-time employment. Still others are working the equivalent of full-time hours without any benefits. While our team understands that some use of less-than full-time staff may always be a component of staffing, we made the case that temporary employee, per-diems and others should supplement and not replace full-time employees. Our Team focused on some key areas that can be improved:

  1. 1. preference of scheduling/assignments to full-time permanent employees before registry/agency (especially at the clinics)
  2. 2. developing pathways to full-time employment for those employees who desire it
  3. 3. effectively and fairly recruiting for vacancies
  4. 4. using our economic proposals to help recruit and retain qualified staff

These issues are not just about enforcing the Personnel Management Rules, our Union MOU and/or the Government Code, but they are about working to create solutions that benefit employees and serve the operation of the County health system. We also see that so long as the County over-utilizes temporary employees, they will never see the very real impacts that low wages and high costs of healthcare are having on retention of our members.

Code Grey
With HSD management in the room, we revisited the Union proposal to rectify unequal pay for responding to these critical incidents. This proposal is really about fairness for our members who take on this important and often dangerous responsibility.

We will be bargaining more topics tomorrow and continue our campaign for improved conditions, fair wages and affordable healthcare-it all resumes tomorrow at 1 p.m. That’s all for tonight…

On behalf of the Union Bargaining Team,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Follow us on FB/Twitter @CCCTeamsters

Bargaining Update: Holding the Line — June 8, 2016

Your Union Bargaining Team met with County negotiators on Thursday, June 2. On the important issues of wages and affordable health care, the Union held firm on our positions and are preparing to negotiate again with the County on June 9 and June 10. We will have a more comprehensive update on June 9, 2016. Please wear your Union buttons and show solidarity with your co-workers and Bargaining Team. If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me at

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Bargaining Update No. 7 — May 27, 2016

We met with County negotiators on Thursday, May 26th, 2016.

Have you ever felt harassed or discriminated against? Well, the County wants to delete the language that lets you file a grievance about it. The County also proposed to delete the unfair labor practice provision of the contract. Clearly, it’s time for a culture change in this County. Help us in bargaining by adding your name to our “Respect Us” petition here.

With regard to economic proposals, the County offered nine percent over three years. This falls short of the wage increases that are required to retain qualified staff and recruit new hires. We did not agree to the wage offer and expect the County to respond to our economic proposals at the next bargaining session. Our bargaining committee is holding firm that any wage proposal must be weighed with health care costs. Out-of-pocket medical costs must be addressed in this contract.

Our next bargaining session is on June 2, 2016.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, GSM, Maria Banales, LVN/Aide; Scott Castiglione, GSM; Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide; Pete Ellis, GSM, Sharon Holder, LVN, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Trent Tate, HSU,  Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations)

Bargaining Update No. 6 — May 23, 2016

On Friday, your Union Bargaining Team passed global and unit specific proposals addressing topics such as Code Gray pay and training, longevity, improving vacation approval, probationary periods and on-call duty and discussed modality and other issues related to Diagnostic Imaging.

The County passed non-economic proposal lists, essentially offering placeholders for future proposals. While this provided context for future discussions, we ended negotiations once we realized the County was unprepared to negotiate economics.

We made it clear that we expect to see economic proposals at our next scheduled negotiations this Thursday.

Thanks for showing support for the Team on Friday by wearing your Teamster gear at work!

United and Strong,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, GSM, Marina Becerra, HSU, Maria Banales, LVN/Aide; Scott Castiglione, GSM, Cody Colwell, GSM; Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide; Kenneth Golston, HSU, Sharon Holder, LVN, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations)

Bargaining Update No. 5 — May 18, 2016

Yesterday, we met with County negotiators for an afternoon session. We made proposals to place a cap on the utilization of less than permanent full time staff, clarify lunch and rest break entitlements, expand hazard pay to all Union classifications and to improve the disciplinary section of the MOU. The County provided relevant information for our negotiations and we expect that all Union and County proposals will be on the table by our next session. We meet again on Friday, May 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Show your solidarity. Please wear something with your Union logo on Friday to show support for your Union Bargaining Team.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, GSM, Marina Becerra, HSU, Scott Castiglione, GSM, Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Deion Gonsalves, GSM, Sharon Holder, LVN, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations)

Bargaining Update No. 4 — May 9, 2016

Today your Union Bargaining Team met with County negotiators and presented proposals on wages, classification/comparator studies and began discussions on department specific issues like allowing temps & registry to schedule before regular employees, code gray training and pay, expansion of hazard pay and more.

Our next negotiations will take place on Tuesday, May 17 and Friday, May 20.

In Unity,

Rudy Gonzalez
VP & Organizing Coordinator

Union Bargaining Team:
Marina Becerra, HSU, Scott Castiglione, GSM, Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Deion Gonsalves, GSM, Sharon Holder, LVN Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Trent Tate, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations)

Shop Steward Information

Thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process. Nominees will be contacted by a Teamsters 856 Union Representative to confirm their acceptance of the nomination. Following confirmation, an orientation meeting will be held for all nominee’s and for work areas that have multiple nominees, elections will be conducted. A Teamster Steward orientation will be held Saturday, May 7, 2016 at noon, Teamsters 315, 2727 Alhambra Ave., Martinez. Mail-ballot elections will be conducted the during the week of May 9th with the ballots counted on May 26.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Shop Steward?

Teamsters 856 Shop Stewards are determined leaders who step up to enforce the contract, advocate for their co-workers and inspire solidarity amongst the membership. Stewards often represent coworkers in investigatory interviews and serve as witnesses for the Union in grievance and appeal cases. Shop Stewards are on the Union’s front line and work closely with Union Representatives to protect and enforce the contract.

Who can be a Shop Steward?

Any member in good-standing who is willing to be trained and lead in the workplace, representing their Union and their fellow members.

What if I’ve never been a Shop Steward?

We offer training and mentorship for Shop Stewards. You will learn about your contract, labor relations techniques and help represent your classification/work area in meetings that impact your working conditions.

How many Shop Stewards will we have?

As many as we need to properly enforce the contract and maintain effective communication and leadership in every work area. We are planning to train 60 new Shop Stewards in Contra Costa County by the end of the year.

What type of time commitment does it require?

Routinely, Shop Stewards perform leadership functions on their shift and attend official meetings with the Union and County during normal work hours. Many more Shop Stewards meet semi-regularly on Union committees, as delegates to the Central Labor Council, attend trainings with the International Union and get involved in campaigns to build Teamster Power. There are varying degrees of activism and time commitments that a Shop Steward can make. It’s up to you!

Bargaining survey now available.

To achieve a strong contract we need you to stay involved and that starts with getting your input on bargaining priorities. We will begin unresolved health care negotiations on March 23rd and transition into full bargaining for changes to the entire MOU in April. To prepare for full negotiations, we ask that you fill out the proposal survey. After the results of the survey are compiled, there will be a series of proposal meetings to ensure everyone has an opportunity to provide additional input.

Click here to take the bargaining survey.

Bargaining Update #3 — April 4, 2016

This afternoon we resumed healthcare negotiations. The County had questions about our Equality Proposal and our Teamsters Health Care expert will be conferencing with County and Union negotiators on Tuesday April, 12, 2016 to answer their plan-specific questions. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for April 21, 2016 so get your Teamster gear ready to wear at work. Your solidarity matters!

Contract Surveys Deadline Friday & Proposal Meetings
Your Union Bargaining Team has set a deadline for contract proposal surveys to be completed. Please click here to access and complete your survey by April 8th, 2016.

Once the surveys are completed, we will compile the results and hold contract proposal meetings on April 14, 2016. At the contract proposal meetings, all members are welcome to review the survey results and offer input to our Union negotiators. The contract proposal meetings will take place at Teamsters Local 315, 2727 Alhambra Ave, in Martinez  at 7:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

In Solidarity,

Union Bargaining Team

Union Bargaining Team:
Trent Tate, HSU, Marina Becerra, HSU, Scott Castiglione, GSM, Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide, Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Deion Gonsalves, GSM, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vasquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations)

Bargaining Update #2 – March 28, 2016

Your Union Bargaining Team met again with County negotiators this morning. We passed a health care EQUALITY proposal aimed at curbing the excessive out of pocket expenses that we are experiencing. Why call it it an EQUALITY proposal? Because the County is not subsidizing health care premiums equally across the board. Also, we know that nearly 75% of our members work in health care related jobs in Contra Costa County and the standard in the industry is to provide EQUALLY accessible health care to all classifications in a health care system, not just physicians and RNs.

We will bargain again on April 4 at 3 p.m.

Wearing your Union button, shirt, scrubs or pin today? Show us that solidarity and send a photo of you:

In Unity,

Union Bargaining Team

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, Marina Becerra, HSU, Scott Castiglione, GSM, Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide, Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Deion Gonsalves, GSM, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola,Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Alvin Mangalindan (Labor Relations)

Bargaining Update #1 – March 23, 2016

Today we met with County negotiators and highlighted the outrageous disparity between county workers when it comes to health care premiums. The County is contributing between $400-$1000 more per month for some employees while our members, often working in the same facilities, are burdened with unsustainable out-of-pocket expenses.

The County intended to propose the package that members previously rejected, but we told them that it fell short and we will make our own proposal. We also noted that no other jurisdiction is paying Kaiser premiums at this rate and that the County has failed to offer a model that is sustainable.

The County has created a system that divides workers into groups of “haves” and “have-nots” on the issue of health care. As Teamsters, we believe that health care is a right and we are taking on this issue with a sense of urgency.

Our next negotiations is on Monday, March 28, 2016. While we are in negotiations on Monday, please wear your Union button, t-shirt, scrubs or badge-holder to show solidarity with your coworkers while we are in bargaining.

In Solidarity,

Union Bargaining Team

Union Bargaining Team:
Jose Avila, HSU, Maria Banales, LVN/Aide, Marina Becerra, HSU, Scott Castiglione, GSM, Lisa Day-Silva, LVN/Aide, Pete Ellis, GSM, Kenneth Golston, HSU, Deion Gonsalves, GSM, Veronica Hudson, GSM, Abnesh Kishore, HSU, Jorge Murillo, GSM, Cynthia O’Brien, HSU, Paul Valdez, GSM, Daniel Vazquez, HSU, Peter Finn, Teamsters 856, Rudy Gonzalez, Teamsters 856, Corey Hallman, Teamsters 856, Richard Andazola, Teamsters 856

County Team:
Stacey Cue (IEDA), Lisa Driscoll (Finance), Glynis Hughes (Labor Relations), Cynthia Schwerin (County Counsel), Janice Amenta (County Counsel), David Twa (County Administrator)

You’re Invited to Our First Membership Training as Teamsters!

This training will cover basic Union rights under the local and state law, the collective bargaining agreement and more. Members will leave the training equipped with tools to keep building an educated and empowered Union.

RSVP here

Join us on Saturday, February 27, 2016. We are using the main hall at Teamsters 315, located at 2727 Alhambra Ave, in Martinez. There is free parking in the rear of the building.

We will begin with light refreshments at 8:30 a.m. and the seminar will start promptly at 9:00 a.m.. We expect to end around 2:30 p.m.

Please RSVP here

Contra Costa Teamsters Membership Update February 9, 2016

Election Results Certified
Great news! On Tuesday, February 9, The Board of Supervisors certified our election results, and now we are officially Teamsters!

Reach Your Teamsters 856 Representatives
A team of Local 856 staff have been assigned to represent Contra Costa Teamsters. During our initial transition period, you may reach your representatives by phone or e-mail:

By Phone:
(925) 270-0328

By E-mail:

Report a Grievance
If you need to report a possible grievance, you may do so online here.

Upcoming Membership Meetings
Membership meetings are currently being scheduled and information about the dates and times will be available soon.

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Welcome to the official campaign webpage for Contra Costa County workers seeking change in a REAL UNION, the Teamsters. We need the strength and resources of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to win better compensation and working conditions and now is the time to do it. The campaign to win Teamsters representation is our first step in achieving the respect we deserve through a better contract.

Dues’ Waiver Approved
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has approved a reduced dues rate for workers in Contra Costa County.

This dues’ waiver was requested by Teamsters 856 and follows suit with waivers granted to those members working in Orinda, Concord, MDUSD, and Walnut Creek. The dues’ waiver reduces the multiplier from 2.5 times your hourly rate of pay, rounded to the nearest dollar, to a lower 2.0 times and applies to all future Teamsters working in Contra Costa County. See below for sample dues rates.dues_waiver_gsm_.indd dues_waiver_hsu_.indd

Our Election is Finally Set!

Ballots will be mailed to every member of the GSM, HSU & LVN Attendant/Aide units on December 18 and must be returned by January 29, 2016. Ballots will be counted on February 4, 2016. It’s our time to form a REAL Union!

View the GSM Election Agreement
View the HSU Election Agreement
View the LVN Attendant/Aide Agreement 


hsu_ filed.indd



gsm_ filed.indd





Frequently Asked Questions

Who will the Teamsters help organize?
Contra Costa County workers who want a professional Union with the resources to win.

When can we leave PEU Local 1 and join the Teamsters?
We can file documents to decertify in October, pursuant to the County Employer-Employee Relations Ordinance.

What about dues?
As a non-profit labor organization, the Teamsters Union is funded exclusively by the membership. The union accepts no money from outside sources in order to protect its integrity and independence.

HSU Employees find out more about dues here
GSM Employees find out more about dues here

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