Contra Costa Probation

Welcome to the official campaign webpage for Contra Costa County Deputy Probation Officers seeking change in a REAL UNION, the Teamsters. We need the strength and resources of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to win better compensation and working conditions and now is the time to do it. The campaign to win Teamsters representation is our first step in achieving the respect we deserve through a better contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dues in the Teamsters?

Multiply your base rate of pay by 2.25, round to the nearest dollar and that is your monthly dues. For example a top step DPO Dues include membership to PORAC. Based upon a recent survey, DPO top step in Contra Costa County is 34.16. Using that hourly rate, dues would be 77 dollars per month (34.16×2.25, rounded).

What other probation departments does Teamsters 856 represent?

Our office represents Mendocino, Marin and Alameda Counties. To learn more, visit

We have heard that Alameda Teamsters recently received an 8.3 percent raise based on a salary survey. Can we see the survey?

That’s correct. Click here for the survey.

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