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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

January 7, 2017

Every challenge presents an opportunity, and no doubt about it, we are facing some very challenging times ahead. However, now is not the time to recoil and feel sorry for ourselves, we need to go on the offensive and take a stand for issues that are important to us, such as quality, affordable health care.Read More >

Making Sense of the Election: We Need More Union Contracts

November 23, 2016

The result of the Presidential race is a stark reminder of how imperative it is that we continue to fight to make sure the economy works for everybody, not just those at the top. The election of an utterly unqualified, offensive, and anti-union candidate, is an unequivocal sign of the growing frustration many people areRead More >

Growing to Over 10,000 Members: Building Power for ALL of Local 856

July 26, 2016

When 1,700 Contra Costa County employees became Local 856 members in February, it added to the significant growth we have seen over the last several years, and for the first time in our 67-year history as a Local Union, Teamsters 856 now has over 10,000 members. This growth in numbers is important because it growsRead More >

Standing together makes us all stronger

January 25, 2016

The numbers tell the story: there is strength in numbers. Union workers make 27% more than their non-union counterparts. Without question, as the data shows, collective bargaining works. Not only are wages higher, but union workers are much more likely to have health benefits and a pension. This is a consequence of the right toRead More >

Focusing on the Fundamentals

October 14, 2015

In late September my wife Devon and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. In looking back on the last 10 years, she said something that struck me as very relevant to the work we all do together at Teamsters 856. She talked about how it’s not the high-profile events that have mattered most over theRead More >