WCCUSD Bargaining Committee Nominations

As you may be aware, your Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire on July 1, 2021. In preparation for upcoming negotiations, Teamsters Local 856 is in need of thirteen (13) members to sit at the table as part of your bargaining Committee. The breakdown and requirements are as follows: 

Nominations for thirteen (13) Teamsters 856 Bargaining Committee members of WCCUSD (Three (3) from Office and Technical Services (OTS), Five (5) from Paraprofessional (PARA) and Five (5) from General Services, Maintenance and Operations (GSMO) are now being accepted.) 

Sounds interesting to you?
Please fill out the form below to submit your name or nominate a fellow Local 856 member who you believe would be a strong advocate at the bargaining table.

Nominations will close at 5 P.M. on January 15th, 2021. If there are multiple nominees, an election will be held.

Please note that participation of the bargaining committee requires a major commitment. You will be required to know your contract; attend all bargaining meetings when possible; be in good standing with the Union; presently working for WCCUSD and be able to run a Sub Committee meeting with your peers.