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Legal Counsel/Protected Leave Coordinator
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Know Your Contract 

Your rights regarding discipline:

“No employee who has successfully completed his probationary period will be disciplined or discharged without being advised in writing of the basis of the charge(s) against him leading to such action. Such notice, or notice of any other disciplinary action, shall be presented to the employee, Union Representative, and the Local Union not later than thirty (30) days from the time the employee’s operating department learns of the incident upon which such charge(s) is based, with a copy to the local Union Representative. This notice requirement does not apply to the discharge of a probationary employee who has failed to satisfactorily complete their probationary period.” —Article 25, Paragraph B of your Teamsters 856 contract with American Airlines

Your right to union representation during investigatory interviews:

“An employee will have the right to have a representative of the Union or, at the employee’s option, another Passenger Service employee present when the employee is required to attend a meeting which may result in discipline of the employee. If more than one Steward is on duty, the employee will be permitted to select the Steward of their choice. If the Steward on duty chosen by the employee is unavailable based on the needs of the service, the Company will delay the meeting, provided that it shall not be delayed beyond the end of the employee’s shift.” —Article 25, Paragraph C of your Teamsters 856 contract with American Airlines (Click the link to read the entire section.)

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