Grievance Report Success

Thank you for submitting a report of a possible grievance. The information will be given to your union representative who will contact you to discuss what action to take next.

Please note that this submission does not constitute as an official grievance to your employer and the grievance procedure in your contract may contain certain deadlines. If you are unsure about the grievance procedure in your contract or the timeliness of your grievance, you should contact your representative directly.

Click here to view the Teamsters 856 staff directory or call our office at (650) 635-0111.

UPS MEMBERS: Local 856 only represents CLERKS in the San Bruno, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Hayward, Oakland, San Ramon, and North Bay buildings. If you are not a CLERK in one of the above listed buildings, you will need to contact your Local to initiate a grievance. If you are unsure which Local you belong to, please contact the IBT at (202) 624 6800.