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Your Teamsters 856 Representatives

Find out which Local 856 representative represents your worksite.


Rod Adams
Direct Line: (708) 945-2953


Jeanette Bradfield
Direct Line: (925) 783-9166


Veronica Diaz

Direct Line: (831) 840-3966
(se habla Español)


Complete Your Teamsters 856 Membership Application

Click here to access a printable Teamsters 856 Membership Card.

Once you complete your application, please return it to a Teamsters 856 organizer, or call or e-mail your Teamsters 856 representatives for assistance:

  • Rod Adams, (708) 945-2953 or RAdams@ibt856.org
  • Jeanette Bradfield, (925) 783-9166 or JBradfield@ibt856.org
  • Veronica Diaz, (831) 840-3966 or VDiaz@ibt856.org 

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