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Local 856 helps save WCCUSD Teamster’s job

December 2017

Ambika “Raj” Maharaj has worked for West Contra Costa Unified School District for nearly 10 years

When an incident took place at work that could have resulted in his transfer from his current worksite, Ambika “Raj” Maharaj, didn’t know his union would be there to advocate on his behalf, but Local 856 successfully helped him save his job.

Raj is a Campus Security Officer at Hercules High School — part of the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD). He’s worked for WCCUSD for nine and a half years. Raj and his coworkers in the District voted to become Teamsters earlier this year. Read more.

Teamsters 856 welcomes 1,800 new members from West Contra Costa Unified School District

June 2017

In June, classified employees of West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) voted overwhelmingly to join Teamsters 856 as they push for improved wages, health care and other benefits. The addition of the more than 1,800 members in the WCCUSD bargaining unit means that Teamsters 856 is now 12,000 members strong.

“With this vote, workers at West Contra Costa Unified have come together to send a message: they deserve better,” said Teamsters 856 Secretary-Treasurer Peter Finn. “We will aggressively represent these new members and bring forward demands for fairness and respect on the job. As Teamsters, their voices will be amplified and the district should hear them – they are ready to fight and they have a strong union to back them.” Read more.