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DRIVE: Fighting big business and protecting workers

In the last few months, over 200 Teamsters 856 members have made or increased their commitment to build power together through the Union’s DRIVE program. DRIVE or Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education is the International Brotherhood of Teamster’s political action committee. DRIVE is non-partisan and provides support for policies and politicians that stand with workingRead More >

Teamsters 856 member honored for her hard work and dedication

Last September, Teamsters 856 member Rosaura De Alvarez was recognized as Employee of the Month by the County of Marin. Just a few months later, she learned she would receive the County’s Employee of the Year award as well. With her track record of going above and beyond both on the job and in herRead More >

Outsourcing is for Quitters

When many of us hear the term “outsourcing”, we might only think of offshoring—the practice of shipping American jobs out of the country. But outsourcing is much more than that. It also includes the subcontracting of jobs that were once done in-house to the lowest bidder and the privatization of our public services. Outsourcing inRead More >

856 helps secure millions to keep St. Rose Hospital open

Teamsters 856 was once again instrumental in securing millions of dollars in funding that will help keep St. Rose Hospital’s doors open. The Hayward facility, where 400 Local 856 members serve the community, has struggled financially over the last several years. However, with the assistance of Teamsters 856’s advocacy at the Alameda County Board ofRead More >

Teamsters 856’s first year in Contra Costa County

For a little over a year now, Teamsters 856 has represented workers employed by Contra Costa County. From wage increases to health care, improvements and changes in the way temporary employees are treated – a lot has been accomplished. Confidence, trust, and power have been built, and Teamsters 856 members are equipped to continue toRead More >