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Contract Extension with Contra Costa County Ratified

Teamster 856 Health Services (HSU), General Services & Maintenance (GS&M), and LVN/Aide units tallied the ballots, and each of the three bargaining units ratified our three-year contract extension with the County.

HSU – 95% YES Vote
GS&M – 92% YES Vote
LVN/Aide – 72% YES Vote

Joint Labor Management Meetings (JLM) start in July. Stand by for notifications of unit meetings to draft JLM agendas to address unit specific issues.
The agreement includes:
  • An additional 10% wage increase over another three-year period for a total of 20% over six years
  • NO increase in the employee cost for health care in 2019 for those in the Teamster Kaiser plan
  • For the first time, bidding rights and seniority for temps and per diems to create a pathway to permanent status. Also, these employees will not serve an  additional probationary period after being awarded a job bid if they worked 1,560 hours as a temp or per diem employee
  • Strong monthly labor management meetings to address unit and classification specific issues through the life of this agreement

Get to Know Jovanka Beckles: Teamsters 856 Member & Candidate for Assembly District 15


Jovanka Beckles is Local 856 member, Contra Costa County employee, member of the Richmond City Council, and candidate for Assembly District 15

For the past 18 years, Teamsters 856 member Jovanka Beckles has dedicated her career to helping children as a mental health specialist for Contra Costa County. However, Jovanka’s commitment to community doesn’t stop when she leaves work. Since 2010, Jovanka has sat on the Richmond City Council working to implement policies that reduce crime, pay workers a living wage, and give residents hope.

Now, Jovanka wants to take her message to the Capitol with her bid for State Assembly. Learn how a terrifying home invasion motivated Jovanka’s run for public office, why she refuses to take corporate money, and about her plans to put working people first in Sacramento. Read more.

Teamsters halt layoffs in Contra Costa County


Local 856 member and Contra Costa County Mental Health Specialist II, Anntheia Farr

For 11 years, Anntheia Farr worked as a Mental Health Specialist II for Contra Costa Community College (CCCC). Her role at the college was an important one: she worked with students experiencing emotional breakdowns, and with management and police services to make sure vulnerable students’ needs were met.

Last year, in response to a drop in enrollment at the college, its dean decided to slash Anntheia’s hours from 40 to 16 per week, with a plan to eventually reduce her hours to zero. So, when shortly after, Contra Costa County Health Services issued Anntheia a lay-off notice, she contacted her Teamsters 856 representatives, Richie Andazola and Corey Hallman. Read more.

Contra Costa County Teamsters stop outsourcing and win settlement just in time for the holidays


Local 856 member Mark Jones is an Environment Services Worker for Contra Costa County

Last year, Teamsters 856 started the Fight Outsourcing campaign to draw attention to the negative impact all forms of outsourcing — offshoring jobs, contracting out work, and privatization of public services — has not only on workers, but also the public. Since then, Local 856 members have not hesitated to push back against outsourcing in their workplaces.

In November, Teamsters 856 reached a settlement with Contra Costa County requiring the County to pay a lump sum to 72 employees in the Environmental Services (EVS) department at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC). The win is a direct result of members in the department standing together to fight back against the outsourcing of their work. Read more.

Persistence leads to victory in Contra Costa County


Local 856 member, Nishtha Wright is a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) for Contra Costa County

Not all victories happen quickly or seamlessly. Many require persistence and Teamsters who are willing to stay the course and fight back. Nishtha Wright, a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) for Contra Costa County learned this lesson firsthand last year.

As an LVN, Nishtha is required to renew her license every two years. For years, she would travel to the Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians in Sacramento with proof of her continuing education credits and the required fee, and renew her license in person. Read more.